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CSR Activities


22 February 2020

Berjaya Youth hosted a volunteering event at Charity Food Basket Society Klang (“CFB”) on 22 February 2020 for 45 volunteers. CFB provides provisions for single mothers, abandoned senior citizens and breadwinners who are unable to work due to accidents or illnesses. In addition, the organisation also provides wheelchairs and medical beds to needy patients.

The event aimed at inspiring youths in giving back to the community, as well as to increase awareness towards the social causes championed by CFB. The volunteers from Berjaya Corporate Office and Berjaya TVET College helped to clean and refresh wheelchairs, and assemble medical beds.

The volunteers were glad that they were able to spend their weekend in a meaningful way by doing something which benefits the underprivileged.

Berjaya Youth volunteers and members of Charity Food Basket Society Klang.

Berjaya Youth volunteers assembling a medical bed.

Berjaya Youth volunteers cleaning wheelchairs.