Berjaya Food Berhad


Berjaya Roasters (M) Sdn Bhd

After 20 successful years, KRR still stays true to its healthy concept of less fat... less salt... less calories by serving healthy meals. KRR restaurants feature rotisserie-roasted chicken as their main core product complemented by a variety of hot and cold side dishes and KRR's famous muffins, vegetable salads, pasta, soups, desserts and beverages served in a friendly and comfortable environment.

KRR consistently adds more variety to its core menu by bringing in seasonal food promotions. KRR also expanded its menu offerings with the introduction of lamb meal, pasta meal and salad meal. All the KRR restaurants in Malaysia, Indonesia and Cambodia serve their customers in a full service, mid-casual dining setting, providing customers with a wholesome dining experience.

Over the years, KRR has received prestigious awards such as the Malaysia's Choice category by Superbrands Malaysia 2013 and was the fourth consecutive recipient for The BrandLaureate Best Brands Award 2013-2014 under the category of Food & Beverage - Rotisserie-roasted Chicken.

In addition, KRR was awarded the title of Best Franchise Corporate Social Responsibility Award in the Malaysia Franchise Awards 2014 and the Social Media Excellence Award under Food & Beverage category in the World Bloggers & Social Media Awards 2015.

Berjaya Starbucks Coffee Company Sdn Bhd

At Starbucks, talented partners (employees) are groomed with outstanding training and development programmes. Most of the store partners are food service professionals and college students, who share a passion for great coffee and quality customer service. The commitment of its partners is a major reason why Starbucks is recognized as the leading specialty coffee company and the industry benchmark in Malaysia.

Customers love coming back to Starbucks because they know they will receive friendly, attentive service and quality coffee recommendations. Starbucks ensures its baristas are of the most knowledgeable in the coffee industry by providing ongoing learning opportunities through its Coffee Master certification programme and the hosting of its Coffee Ambassador Cup. Other initiatives that help promote coffee education include its Coffee of the Week programme, Coffee by the Press campaign, beverage customization campaign, coffee seminars and regular launches of new whole bean coffees and beverages. Starbucks Malaysia was awarded The BrandLaureate Best Brands Award 2013-2014 under the coffee category for the fourth consecutive year.

In addition, Starbucks Malaysia was awarded two significant awards for its human capital development namely the Gold Award of HR Best Practices in the Malaysia HR Awards 2014 by Malaysian Institute of Human Resource Management and the "Best of the Best" title at the Aon Hewitt Best Employers - Malaysia 2015 Awards.

Starbucks Malaysia was also awarded the Outstanding Entrepreneurship Award at the Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards 2014 and received the Summer Sales Award at Starbucks China & Asia Pacific Marketing & Category Brand Forum held in Hong Kong for being the top sales country for the Starbucks Frappucino Blended Beverage during the summer campaign.

Starbucks is committed to offering the world's finest coffee while enriching Malaysian's lives one cup at a time.

Jollibean Foods Pte Ltd

Jollibean Foods Pte Ltd ("Jollibean Foods"), was incorporated in 1993 and was a subsidiary under Boustead Singapore Limited. The Company was then known as Sushi Deli Pte Ltd.

The first Sushi Deli outlet was opened as a Quick Service Concept which offered customers an array of "pick-and choose" Sushi and assorted Sashimi sets. Sushi Deli's product offerings has since evolved and it now offers an array of Sushi & Maki Sets, freshly made on-the-spot Temaki & Makimono Rolls, Onigiri, an assortment of Salads, Party Platters, Bento Sets and Japanese sweets like Tofu Cheese Cake.

Sushi Deli Pte Ltd was privatized in 2002, removing its affiliation with Boustead Singapore Limited. The Company had approximately 33 Jollibean outlets, 12 Sushi Deli outlets and 2 Kopi Alley outlets in Singapore. It also introduced its first "3-in-1" concept outlet, Jollibean U+, which incorporates Jollibean, Sushi Deli and Kopi Alley menu items. In 2005, the Company changed its name to Jollibean Foods Pte Ltd to better reflect its business direction.

Jollibean's product offerings include Soy Beancurd, Mee Chiang Kueh and pancakes with an assortment of delicious fillings. Central to Jollibean's success is its high-pressure soy milk extracting machine and high quality imported soy beans, enabling fresh soy milk to be produced daily at each Jollibean outlet.

In 2006, Jollibean Foods opened its first traditional kopi café concept, Kopi Alley, offering traditional foods like kopi and toasted bread with kaya, as well as local delights like Nasi Lemak and Mee Siam.

Today, Jollibean Foods has 31 outlets under 3 brands - Jollibean, Sushi Deli and Kopi Alley throughout Singapore and was awarded "Top Brand 2014 Winner under F&B Kiosk category for Influential Brands".

Ser Vegano Sdn Bhd

Sala is a Latin-inspired, tex-mex, plant-based vegan restaurant in Malaysia. In Spanish, Sala means “living-room” and is also an acronym for slavar a los animales (save the animals). Meals at Sala use only plant-based ingredients which means that they are lower in calories and cholesterol while being higher in clean protein. Besides tex-mex favourites such as tacos and burritos, menu items also include local delicacies like Nasi Lemak and Laksa.