Berjaya Food Berhad


Berjaya Food Berhad

BERJAYA FOOD BERHAD ("BFood") was incorporated in Malaysia on 21 October 2009. It was converted into a public limited company on 3 December 2009 and listed on The Main Market of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad on 8 March 2011. As part of The Listing Scheme, Berjaya Roasters (M) Sdn Bhd ("BRoasters") was acquired and became a wholly-owned subsidiary of BFood in January 2011.

BRoasters is engaged in the development and operation of the Kenny Rogers Roasters ("KRR") chain of restaurants in Malaysia. On 26 July 2011, BFood entered into a conditional joint venture agreement with PT Mitra Samaya, Indonesia, PT Harapan Swasti Sentosa, Indonesia and PT Boga Lestari Sentosa, Indonesia ("PT Boga") to develop and operate the KRR franchise in Java Island and Bali, Indonesia under PT Boga.

On 19 July 2012, BFood completed the acquisition of 11,500,000 ordinary shares of RM1.00 each, representing 50% equity interest in Berjaya Starbucks Coffee Company Sdn Bhd ("BStarbucks") for a cash consideration of RM71.7 million. The remaining 50% equity interest was held by Starbucks Coffee International, Inc ("SCI"). On 9 August 2012, BFood completed its Rights Issue and the 115,081,760 new shares and 115,081,760 warrants arising from the Rights Issue was listed on the Main Market of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad on 13 August 2012. On 18 September 2014, BFood completed the acquisition of 11,500,000 ordinary shares of RM1.00 each, representing the remaining 50% equity interest in BStarbucks not owned by BFood for a total cash consideration of USD88,000,000 (equivalent to about RM279.52 million). BStarbucks is now a 100% owned subsidiary of BFood.

On 7 December 2012, BFood acquired 100% equity interest in Jollibean Foods Pte Ltd, Singapore ("Jollibean Foods") for a cash consideration of RM19.02 million.

On 7 October 2013, Berjaya Food (International) Sdn Bhd ("BFI"), a wholly-owned subsidiary of BFood entered into a Joint Venture Cum Shareholders' Agreement with Deluxe Daily Food Sdn Bhd ("Deluxe") for the subscription of 80% equity interest in Berjaya Food Supreme Sdn Bhd, a Brunei Darussalam Incorporated company to undertake the operations of "Starbucks Coffee" chain of cafes in Brunei Darussalam for a total cash consideration of about BND2.40 million (or about RM6.20 million). The remaining 20% was subscribed by Deluxe.

On 19 August 2020, BFI entered into a subscription cum shareholders agreement for the proposed subscription of 50% of the enlarged issued share capital of Ser Vegano Sdn Bhd (“SER”) for a total cash subscription price of RM250,000. SER is operating a Latin-inspired, Tex-Mex, plant-based vegan restaurant under the name “Sala”.

Kenny Rogers Roasters ("KRR")

BFood's holding company, Berjaya Group Berhad ("BGroup") effectively holds the worldwide KRR franchise following BGroup's acquisition of KRR International Corp, USA in April 2008. There are currently 75 KRR restaurants across Malaysia.

KRR restaurants feature rotisserie-roasted chicken as their main core product complemented by a variety of hot and cold side dishes and KRR’s famous muffins, vegetable salads, pasta, soups, desserts, sandwiches and beverages served in a friendly and comfortable environment. All KRR restaurants serve their customers in a full service, mid-casual dining setting with free "Wi-Fi" services, providing customers with a wholesome dining experience.


Starbucks in Malaysia is operated by BStarbucks. From its first store opening in Kuala Lumpur on 17 December 1998, BStarbucks has expanded to Sabah and Sarawak and celebrated its 18th year of operations in December 2016. BStarbucks has more than 290 stores nationwide and is recognised as the leading specialty coffee company and industry benchmark in Malaysia.

BStarbucks also introduced its first drive-thru concept store in December 2009 in Johor Bahru. As at 30 June 2019, there are a total of 46 drive-thru concept stores across Malaysia. In 2012, it opened its first suburban store in Seri Manjung, Perak. In 2015, BStarbucks opened its first Reserve concept store to introduce premium and exceptional coffees to the Malaysia market.

On 16 February 2014, BStarbucks opened its first store in Brunei Darussalam at the Mabohai Shopping Complex. The store features a traditional coffee bar also known as "slow bar", which allows customers to savour their coffee using the "pour over" brewing method. On 7 September 2014, BStarbucks opened its first drive-thru concept store in Beribi. As at 30 June 2019, there are 4 Starbucks stores in Brunei.


Jollibean Foods was incorporated in November 1993. Presently, there are a total of 22 "Jollibean" outlets, 9 "Sushi Deli" outlets, all of which are based on the Quick Service Concept, and 1 "Kopi Alley" outlet in Singapore.

Jollibean's signature products are its fresh daily made "Jollibean" soy milk drinks using Grade A, non-genetically modified organism (non-GMO), identity-preserved Canadian soy beans to ensure its quality. It also introduced traditional snacks such as the street pancake - Mee Chiang Kueh - which complements its soy milk drinks.

"Sushi Deli" serves an array of "pick-and-choose" sushi, assorted sashimi sets, sushi & maki sets, Japanese salads, bento sets, party platters and Japanese sweets like Tofu Cheese Cake. "Kopi Alley" is a traditional coffee cafe concept which offers traditional food & beverage items such as coffee, tea, toasted bread and nasi lemak.