At Berjaya Corporation group of companies, we believe in striking a balance between profitability and our social responsibility to the communities in which we operate.

By the nature of their businesses, Berjaya companies come into contact with the lives of many in the community on a daily basis. To inculcate the spirit of caring and sharing, Berjaya has always encouraged its staff to share their skills and talents in service of others by contributing their time and energy voluntarily towards the Group’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities. Charity projects, fund-raising events and donations have been an on-going aspect of operations as a social commitment.


An on-going core focus of the Group is encouraging literacy among underprivileged children and its community outreach programmes.

Literacy and a love for learning have the power to uplift those rooted in poverty. To this end, Berjaya contributes towards educational and literacy programmes for children and youth. The group has also dedicated money, time and manpower to set up mini libraries and recreation corners in selected children’s home.

Under Berjaya Cares Foundation’s community outreach programme, Berjaya management and staff continue Berjaya’s tradition of visiting various old folks’ and children’s welfare homes and other charitable organizations, contributing time, essential items, and financial support.


Staff welfare has always been accorded high priority in Berjaya. The Group and its subsidiaries constantly strive to improve the quality of life in the workplace by focusing on their employees’ well-being and career development. In order to improve on their productivity and develop their skill sets, employees are encouraged to participate in various training and development programmes relevant to their areas of work.

Berjaya Cares Foundation organizes regular talks on health, safety awareness and other relevant topics for personal development, while the Sports Toto Fitness Centre, boasting state-of-the-art gymnasium equipment and facilities, was set up to encourage staff to exercise regularly and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

A Staff Welfare Fund was set up under the BCF to manage and supplement financial aid to staff and their families in times of crises and need due to illness, natural disaster and death.


The Group also seeks to undertake projects to conserve and improve the natural environment. Our hotels and resorts have regularly engaged in on-site clean ups of beaches, parks and coral reefs. Staff volunteers and their families are encouraged to participate in these clean-ups and learn more about the importance of protecting nature.

Pledging a commitment to do business in ways that are both good for our community and our planet, Berjaya Hotels and Resorts have stopped serving shark’s fin soup at their 18 hotels and resorts worldwide.

Several Berjaya subsidiaries have also incorporated Green initiatives into their business practices – such as the way products are packaged, choosing more local suppliers and opting for paperless online business documentation. To eliminate waste and help spur the message of Green-consciousness among customers, green products such as the Kenny Rogers ROASTERS i-care Box and the Starbucks Reusable Tumbler are introduced.

Arts and Culture

Malaysia is rich in its cultural diversity, and we are proud to have been able to contribute significantly towards the preservation and promotion of our local Arts and Culture heritage for the benefit of all Malaysians by supporting events such as Festival Kesenian Rakyat Malaysia, The Sun’s Walk to Support Batik and the Kuching Festival, as well as artistic performances such as the Princess Wen Cheng – The Musical, Return of Shaolin Kungfu, Prince Siddharta – The Musical and more modern renditions like Chicago, The King and I, Puteri Gunung Ledang – The Musical, P.Ramlee – The Musical and Cuci – The Musical, Always in Wonderlands – The Musical, Lat Kampung Boy – The Musical, Wizard of Oz, Cabaret, The Unexpected Guest, Merrily We Roll Along – The Musical, The Producers – The Musical, SuperMokh – The Musical, Krishna, Love – Reinvented and SuperMokh The Restaging.


Berjaya supports sports in several ways which include providing financial aid as well as sponsoring awards to recognize those who excel in sports. In the spirit of health living, we inculcate sporting activities in many company events as well as organize charity sporting events to raise funds for community causes.

Some of the sporting events we have supported include the MyTeam reality show, which was shown on TV3 across Malaysia and successfully rekindled the public’s interest in the local football scene. Besides contributing substantially to the National Sports Council annually, we have tournament, PJ Half Marathon, among others.

International Humanitarian Aid

On the international front, Berjaya has donated cash and kind to victims of natural disasters all around the world. Beneficiaries of our timely contributions have included typhoon Sendong victims and poverty stricken families across The Philippines; the global health campaign “The Eliminate Project”; theSun-Mercy Malaysia Bosnia Flood Disaster Relief Fund; Tabung Wira Lahad Datu Media Prima; theSun Typhoon Haiyan Relief Fund; children with acute malnutrition in Africa; Japanese earthquake and tsunami victims; Palestinian Humanitarian Aid Fund; flood victims in Vietnam’s Quang Nam Province; victims of earthquakes in Sichuan Province, China and Pakistan; as well as tsunami victims in Bandar Acheh, Indonesia.

Berjaya Founder's Day

Berjaya Founder’s Day was conceptualized to serving and engaging the community for a common good cause in honour of Berjaya’s founder, Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Vincent Tan. Berjaya Founder’s Day is now an annual affair dedicated to giving back to society. The inaugural Berjaya Founder’s Day which was held on 26 February 2011 at Berjaya Times Square raised a total of RM1.6 million through the efforts of staff and supports our bankers, suppliers and friends of Berjaya. Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Vincent Tan matched the amount with a further RM1.6 million raised, bringing the total amount to RM3.2 million.

At the 2nd Berjaya Founder’s Day held at Berjaya Times Square on 25 February 2012, Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Vincent Tan, together with the Berjaya Corporation Group of companies, Better Malaysia Foundation and Berjaya Cares Foundation contributed RM11.6 million to 61 charitable organizations. These charitable organizations include those that support community, education, and health causes as well as environmental awareness and animal protection.

The 3rd Berjaya Founder’s Day was held on 23 February 2013 with a total of RM20.2 million contributed to 74 charitable organizations through Better Malaysia Foundation and Berjaya Cares Foundation.

The 4th Berjaya Founder’s Day was celebrated on 22 February 2014 with approximately RM25.6 million contributed to 90 charitable organizations through Better Malaysia Foundation and Berjaya Cares Foundation. Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Vincent Tan also awarded The Better Malaysia Foundation Personality of the Year Award 2014 to Dr. Jane Goodall, DBE (Dame of the British Empire), who is an environmentalist and humanitarian as well as a United Nations Messenger of Peace.

The 5th Berjaya Founder’s Day was celebrated on 28 March 2015 with a total of RM20.08 million contributed to 79 charitable organisations through Better Malaysia Foundation and Berjaya Cares Foundation. Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Vincent Tan also awarded The Better Malaysia Foundation Personality of the Year Award 2015 to Dharma Master Cheng Yen, Founder of Tzu Chi Foundation in Taiwan.

Better Malaysia Foundation (“BMF”)

Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Vincent Tan’s (“TSVT”) personal foundation, BMF supports various community and charitable causes which include educational programmes, medical and health causes and humanitarian aid.

One of TSVT’s bigger projects in education is to help improve the standard of English in Malaysia, recognising that English is important in communications and the business world. TSVT is presently working with a non-governmental organization to set up community learning centres in several parts of Malaysia to offer free education and soft skills training, with an emphasis on the English language, to underprivileged communities.

Besides providing financial aid to health related causes such as treatment of diseases like kidney ailments, cancer and AIDS, TSVT has also set up a free acupuncture centre serving the underprivileged community and is funding two haemodialysis centres to subsidize poor kidney patients.

Berjaya Cares Foundation (“BCF”)

BCF was set up to create a more synergistic effort in the corporate social responsibility initiatives of the various subsidiaries within the Berjaya Corporation group of companies. Among the Foundation’s core focus areas are supporting educational programmes and initiatives for underprivileged children and youth, outreach programmes for poor communities, providing aid to health related causes, conserving and protecting the environment, supporting Malaysian performing arts and culture, animal related causes, promoting staff well-being and providing international humanitarian aid.

Future CSR Plans

Moving forward, Berjaya is committed to building social consciousness and responsibility as an integral part of the organization. The Group will look towards encouraging sustainability by engaging with NGOs and charitable organizations on projects which will promote community growth and development. Berjaya aims to adopt a more holistic approach in helping deserving communities whereby the money contributed will help them to build their skills, and in the process, empower them to create a more sustainable future for themselves.